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The closest readers already know, but now it’s official: we are launching the Tecnoblog for Android and iPhone! This is a more practical way to follow in the palm of your hand everything we do here: technology news, detailed product reviews, biweekly episodes of Tecnocast and much more.

But I already open the site in the browser every day …

It has been almost 14 years since Tecnoblog exists and has never had an official app, so it may be more difficult to understand why you should take up more space in your phone’s memory instead of simply accessing the mobile version. Therefore, we have prepared some resources that may interest you.

Tecnoblog app

The first is the For you. As soon as you open the app for the first time, we will ask you to mark some topics of interest to you, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Android or iOS. Whenever we publish something related to these subjects, they will appear first of all on your home screen – be it a news, tip, special or review. You can customize interests at any time in the settings.

On the Tecnocast, you can listen to the biweekly episodes of our technology podcast – if you have a small data allowance, you can download the program first on Wi-Fi, to listen offline. At Caixa Postal, I often read comments from listeners who “marathon” Tecnocast since the first episode. You can do this more easily with the favorites and playlists resources, here’s the tip.

Tecnoblog app

You can also watch our videos directly from the app. And on the iPhone, it doesn’t even open YouTube so you won’t be distracted. We know that our videos can get lost in the middle of the feed, especially if you subscribe to many channels, so we want to have more of that space. For example, did you see our hands-on Galaxy Note 10 that aired before the device was even announced on stage? 🙂

And, of course, we’re talking about a mobile app, so you can activate notifications for new posts and / or Tecnocast!

Where’s the night mode?

We are preparing a series of news for the next versions of the application and we have already received many (even) requests for a dark theme to read more comfortably at night. Do you have any other ideas? Leave in the comments that we also pass on to our developers.

What data will you steal from me?

I have never seen an application that needs so few permissions to work. If you decide not to receive notifications and do not want to download Tecnocast episodes on the phone’s memory, you do not need to activate anything at all (you only need internet). Ah, on Android, the application is less than 20 MB.

Ish, a strange thing happened here

The only certainty that technology gives us is that one day it will crash. We have tested the beta versions with the team and a group of readers in the last few months, but there are certainly bugs that have not crossed our radar. If you find one out there, we appreciate the alert – there is an option on the Settings screen to report errors.

Install and tell us what you think!

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