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The application Yellow for iPhone and Android has ended: from now on, you will need to access the Grin to rent green bikes and scooters, and the app Rappi to unlock the yellow scooters. This change can be slightly confusing, but it is temporary: in the future, it will be possible to use all electric scooters through Grin. Users are being notified via notification and email.

Yellow scooter

You will have to use different apps for each type of service:

  • Grin: Yellow bikes, Grin scooters and Yellow wallet
  • Rappi: Yellow scooters and Grin scooters
  • Yellow: discontinued app

In the last few months, Yellow and Grin’s apps have become practically identical: only the accent color (yellow or green) changed, but the credits deposited in one wallet appeared in the other, and the race history was shared.

So it made sense to remove the Yellow app. However, he was just partially absorbed by the Grin app: Yellow scooters will require the Rappi app. They will even adopt Rappi’s visual identity, in addition to bringing labels explaining how to use them.

I found it a bit confusing, but this will not last long. “The exclusivity will be temporary and, after this period, Yellow scooters can again be used by the Grin app”, says Grow Mobility in a statement. The company does not disclose when the yellow scooters can be rented by Grin.

“The objective is to strengthen the Grin brand, which is already present in all 7 countries where Grow operates, unlike Yellow, which operates only in Brazil,” she explains.

Grin Yellow Rappi

Grin merged with Brazilians Yellow and Ride

The electric scooter market has been developing fast: in mid-2018, the Brazilian startup Ride started offering scooters in the city of São Paulo. A few months later, she announced a merger with the Mexican Grin to offer scooters in our country. At the same time, Grin partnered to rent scooters through the Rappi application, focused on delivering products in general.

Then, in January 2019, Grin announced a merger with Brazilian company Yellow, forming the new company Grow Mobility. In this way, they combined their operations in Latin America and began to offer scooter and bicycle rentals together. The partnership with Rappi continued, but only for scooters.

Grow competes with companies like Tembici, which provides Bike Itaú services; and with American Lime. In addition, Uber and Bird plan to offer scooters in Brazil. There are other companies that operate with different models: Scoo has partnership with iFood to rent scooters from couriers; while FlipOn operates in the franchise format.

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