Government signs law that makes digital social savings permanent | Finance

The federal government published in the Official Diary of the Union this Friday (23) the sanctioning of Law No. 14,075 / 20, which expands the use of the call digital social savings. In practice, the new law permanently sets the modality in the country’s financial system. The text was approved without restrictions by President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party).

Digital social savings were created with the purpose of facilitating the receipt of Emergency Aid benefits and emergency withdrawals from the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS). It is a simplified savings account and free of maintenance fees.

Caixa Tem application (Photo: Lucas Lima / Tecnoblog)

Caixa Tem application (Photo: Lucas Lima / Tecnoblog)

With the establishment of the law, digital social savings can be used to pay benefits in case of reduced working hours or suspended contracts, extraordinary withdrawals from FGTS and deposits from other social programs. Citizens can also receive social security benefits in this type of account, provided they provide express authorization to do so.

The text also raises the limit on free electronic transfers from one to three monthly transactions. In addition, the holder of a digital savings account will be able to use it to pay slips and make a withdrawal free of charge per month.

Have more. The user of a modality account can receive a physical card to use the account, which was prohibited in the original project, and move up to R $ 5,000 per month. Check issuance remains prohibited, however. If the citizen needs access to more functions, he / she can request the conversion of the account to conventional savings.

The new law also provides for digital social savings to be created automatically for payment of Emergency Aid and other benefits. However, the financial institution that performs the procedure will not be able to use the deposited amounts to write off debts or offset negative balance.

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