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The federal government presented the project Connected North, which foresees investments of R $ 1 billion to bring 100 Gb / s optical fiber backhaul to the region. This is a kind of relaunch of the Integrated and Sustainable Amazon Program (PAIS), which was presented in February 2020 with the goal of building a network of 10,000 kilometers of fiber.

Fiber optic internet provider rack.  Photo: jarmoluk / Pixabay

The relaunch postpones the deadlines of the initial schedule: the first phase should be completed by March 2021, with 650 km of fiber connecting Macapá (AP) and Santarém (PA), benefiting 1 million inhabitants. Before the pandemic, the expectation was that this step would be completed by PAIS by the end of 2020. The previous project would serve 80 municipalities, while Norte Conectado intends to interconnect 59 cities.

Norte Conectado has investments of R $ 1 billion

According to the Minister of Communications, Fábio Faria, investments will reach R $ 1 billion and the network will impact 9.3 million Brazilians. The budget will come from the balance of migration from analog to digital TV, in addition to contributions from the National Council of Justice, the Ministry of Communications and the Federal Senate.

The program foresees the construction of nine infovias (fluvial optical fiber) in six states, which will interconnect schools, universities, hospitals and courts. However, the deadline for the total completion of the project was not disclosed, nor was it clear whether the network would be managed by the National Research Network (RNP), as provided for in PAIS.

Another point that was not mentioned is whether small providers could join the network as in PAIS. The measure could stimulate the creation of new operators, which would take broadband access to the final consumer in regions where the service has not yet arrived or is precarious.

The government also comments that it has reached the goal of bringing Internet via satellite to schools in the North and Northeast regions. 7.5 thousand access points were built, bringing connection to 2.6 million public school students.

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