Government launches Digital Work Card that replaces paper document | Brazil

The government launched this Tuesday (24) the new Digital Work Portfolio, which replaces the paper document with a mobile application. The electronic version brings together old and new employment contracts, as well as their respective notes, allowing “facilities for workers and employees, with reduced bureaucracy and costs”.

Digital Work Portfolio

The Digital Work Portfolio application was already available for Android and iPhone since 2017, but did not have the same validity as the physical document, serving only as a means of consultation. “As of now, CTPS in physical environment is no longer necessary for hiring in the vast majority of cases. For the worker, just inform the CPF number at the time of hiring, ”says the government.

In cases where the employer does not use eSocial, it will still be necessary to present the blue booklet at the time of hiring. You can use the same CTPS you already have, or request a physical document by appointment at the Labor Office, by calling 158.

The Digital Work Card has been previously issued to all Brazilians and foreigners registered with the CPF, but it is necessary to enable the document to access the data. First, you must sign in to the government’s unified authentication platform ( and create an account, answering questions like your mother’s name or date of birth, to confirm your identity.

Then, you need to enter the website Jobs in Brazil, using the same access data. You will have access to the latest notes, with information such as corporate name and CNPJ of the employer, as well as the date of admission or termination. If you want to view sensitive data, such as starting salary and last pay, you will need to go through five more questions, correctly answering four of them.

Workbook in physical version remains valid

“If you already had CTPS in physical format, you should keep it. It remains a document to prove your previous working time. Even with the digital work card being able to show old work contracts (from the eighties, for example), it is important in these cases to keep the original document ”, says the government. It is worth remembering that the work card is not for civil identification purposes.

According to the Ministry of Economy, the digital version of the work card should generate savings of R $ 888 million. In addition, the deadline for issuing the document, which averaged 17 days on paper, is reduced to just one day.

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