Government accepts account debit to pay fees via GRU – Brazil

THE GRU (Union Collection Guide) is a standard document used to carry out various types of collection, such as the Federal Police fee for issuing passports, the TSE electoral fine, federal university services, among others. Payment can currently only be made with boleto, but a project of the National treasure It’s from Serpro (Federal Data Processing Service) allows you to pay by debit account.

National treasure

Otavio Ladeira, Deputy Secretary of the National Treasury (Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil)

This is the new PagTesouro platform: it is in the pilot phase, initially available only to Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency). Since Tuesday (8), users of the Solicita System can pay inspection fees through online debit.

The confirmation period “will become instant”, according to the Treasury, occurring shortly after the debit is made to the account. Meanwhile, the boleto requires a waiting period of up to 2 business days.

“After receiving payment data, PagTesouro validates the parameters and triggers the Payment Service Provider, currently Banco do Brasil, by sending the payment form via HTTPS protocol”, explains Serpro. “The taxpayer is then directed to internet banking, where he must make the payment.”

PagTesouro will be expanded to replace boleto


For now, the system works only for those who need to use Anvisa services, such as food registration, toxicological assessments and regularization of imports. However, the plan is to expand it “to other bodies and institutions that collect through GRU”, says the Treasury.

Another limitation is that PagTesouro only works for Banco do Brasil customers, “due to the current Treasury agreement with this financial institution”. Customers of other banks will have to resort to good and old billet for now.

But Serpro notes that PagTesouro will gradually replace the GRU ticket: the idea is to accept debit cards “and possibly credit card” to pay fees, fees and contributions. “The solution is prepared to integrate with several payment providers, such as banks and other institutions that operate payments”, explains the state company.

With information: Serpro, National treasure, Anvisa.

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