single federal government portal is already working | Brazil

The first stage of is already in operation. In response to Decree 9.756 / 2019, signed by President Jair Bolsonaro in April, the project aims to bring together in a single portal all government websites that provide services and information to citizens.

According to the decree, all about 1,600 federal government sites are expected to migrate to the address The first three that went through the process were the websites of the Government of Brazil, Palácio do Planalto and Serviços.

Each federal agency will continue to have institutional pages, but they will function as “subsites” within the single portal. As of now, offices are prohibited from registering domains ending with “”.


This first stage is considered beta, therefore, it aims to identify errors and aspects that can be improved. Despite this, the portal already has more than 3 thousand services. Among them are services related to the INSS, traffic (such as CNH and fines) and social programs.

The deadline for all services to become part of is until December 31, 2020.

The move also calls for centralizing government applications. The idea is that they will be made available through a single account on the App Store and Google Play Store. In the latter, 32 apps are already available, such as Sinesp Cidadão and Enem.

In government calculations, the unification of services should cost R $ 43 million, but generate R $ 100 million in savings per year.

With information: Agency Brazil.

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