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O Google decided to abandon the name of desserts for the launch of Android 10, but their software engineers will continue to use this convention: they call the latest version of Quince Tart (quince pie) and promise to keep the tradition in-house in the future.


Dan Sandler, Google’s software engineer, tells the All About Android channel from YouTube that the latest version of the system is known internally as “Quince Tart” or “Qt”. He adds that this tradition will not end: that is, Android 11 will likely have a dessert name beginning with the letter R, and so on.

It is not new that Googlers use different internal names for Android: for example, Marshmallow was called “Macadamia Nut Cookie” during its development.

Google changed the Android nomenclature because desserts were not always known around the world; and because they made it difficult to know what the latest version was.

Dave Burke, vice president of engineering for Android, promises All About Android that the Google campus in Mountain View will continue to receive statues of the little robot. There, you can find the doll accompanied by jelly beans (Jelly Bean), frozen yogurt (Froyo), a KitKat bar, among other sweets. Meanwhile, Android 10 will get a number statue.


Google campus in early 2015 (Photo by Chao-Wei Juan /Flickr)

Android Q could have been called “Queen Cake”

Burke says that if the candy names continued, he would call Android Q Queen Cake: it’s a common cake in Canada with a topping made from coconut. Dessert is also known as Gâteau Reine Elizabeth.

In addition, product vice president Sameer Samat told the 9to5Google that his team considered using the name “quindim”, a candy well known in Brazil; however, the company decided to adopt version numbers.

In the interview, Sandler says that the name “Android 10” could have been revealed during the Google I / O conference in May. Note that the letter Q used in the old logo is a combination of the numbers 1 and 0:

Android Q

However, Google has decided to wait to disclose the name Android 10. This version will be released very soon with an improved gesture navigation system; Burke believes that this will be used by most people, instead of the traditional Back / Home / Multitasking buttons.

With information: 9to5Google.

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