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Google announced on Tuesday (17) that it will change the way it presents videos in searches. From now on, the search engine will highlight important sections below the video thumbnail to help those looking for a specific moment.

Google will highlight specific moments of videos within the search

With the move, Google will show key video points and give you the option to start watching from one. The goal is to help users get straight to the point they want and save time that would be spent searching for the stretch in question.

In its blog, the company stated that the novelty will be useful for those who search for tutorial videos, which may highlight the steps presented. It will also be useful for those who search for very long videos, such as documentaries.

“Just as we work to make other types of information more easily accessible, we are developing new ways to understand and organize video content in search to make it more useful,” says the company.

To highlight the important moments, Google will count on the help of the creators of the videos. They will indicate in the description of the videos published on YouTube the excerpts that should be highlighted in the search.

The feature, which will initially be released for English searches, will also be taken to partner videos like CBS Sports and NDTV. Google says the solution will be released to more video creators in the future.

The move still helps to make research more accessible. That’s because people with visual impairments who use screen readers will be able to use Google to more quickly find excerpts of videos that interest them.

With information: Google, TechCrunch.

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