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Since May, Google has been offering Bolo, an application that teaches children to read. Developed with a focus on children in India, it only supported English and Hindi. Now, the company has revealed that the app will gain two new languages: Portuguese and Spanish.

Google will have Bolo app in Portuguese to teach children

The update, which is expected to be released in September, will make the Cake useful for children learning to read in one of the four most spoken languages ​​in the world. To show the first steps in reading, the application has Diya, a kind of tutor who guides the classes.

It uses the same technology as Google Assistant to track children’s reading and help them improve. When doubts arise, Diya can explain the meaning of the words highlighted on the application screen.

Bolo is based on stories and word games to teach children to read. The application uses prizes and virtual stamps to make the experience more like a game and, as it allows the creation of multiple profiles, it can be used by more than one child on the same device.

According to Google, tests carried out for three months in India found that 64% of children who used the app improved their reading. Since its launch in March, it has been used by more than 800,000 children who have read about 3 million stories.

The company says that the objective of Bolo is to act as a tutor to help students whenever and wherever they need. Therefore, the application is free, does not display ads and can work even without an internet connection.

With information: Google, Android Police.

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