Google Wear OS to be updated to improve watch performance | Applications and Software

Google announced on Thursday (13) an update that could make smartwatches with Wear OS smarter. The novelty promises to give speed to the software that tends to be slow in new watches, even with good hardware inside.

Google Wear OS

Yeah, you must also have thought that Google is finally paying some attention to the mobile operating system that runs on non-Apple smart watches. Attention is so positive in this update that it promises to improve the performance of the software, with an advance of around 20% and this comes thanks to the work that the search giant has done in how it deals with the processor cores.

This reduced time is when opening almost any app, where it is not uncommon to see the screen thinking for long seconds to open simple apps like Google Pay. Along with performance, the aesthetic part is also on the list of improvements, but in this case the update will arrive later (still with no set date, but we know that it will only come in 2021) and will involve a remodeling of the weather forecast application.

Finally, Google is working on bringing the Android 11 core to Wear OS, which so far uses the Android 9 Pie base to work. The forecast for this very important update is to arrive sometime between this and the next quarter. The new weather app should arrive after this update.

With information: Google.

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