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News searches on Google often highlight the latest content, not who published the information first. But, an announcement made by the company on Thursday (12) suggests that this will change.

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Google has updated its way of classifying news to favor original journalistic content. According to the company, the articles that started to cover a certain subject will be highlighted to readers for a longer time.

And, even with the emphasis on the original article, the search engine will continue to show recent content that is important for users who are following the coverage, such as new news and exclusive interviews.

Despite the announcement, Google’s vice president of News, Richard Gingras, said the company does not work with just one definition for original reporting or a standard to determine the degree of originality of an article.

“Different newsrooms and vehicles can use different concepts at different times, and that is why our work will have to continue to evolve in order to understand the life cycle of the articles”, said the executive.

In addition to the algorithm change, Google updated the guidelines for its 10,000 classifiers around the world. According to the company, employees do not change the classification of specific pages, but help to make improvements to the algorithms that will affect all pages.

With the change, the classifiers will start to classify as “very high quality” the pages “that contain information that, otherwise, would not be known without the existence of that article”. The ranking will also consider the site’s reputation.

“We hope that these changes and updates created to give more prominence to original reports offer users a deeper understanding of these constantly changing communities, and the debate generated by them,” says Gingras.

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