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Google wants to simplify travel planning so you can spend less time organizing everything. With that in mind, the company released a website that gathers information about its next destinations, such as airline tickets and hotel reservations, to be accessed on any device.

The page, which includes functions of Google Flights, Hotels and Trips, can be accessed It displays data on your confirmed trips, suggestions for destinations based on your recent activity, places most visited by others and your past trips on the home page.

Google Travel

When accessing one of the destinations, you can see details of flights you are tracking, confirmed reservations and searches you have made on the location. The site also suggests itineraries to be made on the trip and presents information about events, restaurants and climate of the place.

If you haven’t started planning a trip yet, you can search for hotel and airfare prices. The Explore section can be used to find cool things to do in different cities around the world.

Google has new features to organize trips

Google Travel automatically creates pages for your next trips based on confirmations sent to your Gmail account. The service then creates a schedule with dates and times for flights and accommodation.

Now, it allows you to edit the schedule and change data such as number, origin and destination of the flight at any time, as well as check-in and check-out dates at the hotel. Soon, the site will also let you add reservations manually, which will help anyone who doesn’t use Gmail.

Google Travel

In addition to general searches about the destination, the platform will soon add activities, attractions and hotels for which you searched in the city. To help you pack, Google will also display the weather forecast for the days of your trip.

And, even when you’re already familiar with the location, Google Maps will highlight popular areas in the city and what to do in them. The application will also start to display information about hotel and restaurant reservations in the coming months.

Google Travel

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