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O Google announced changes to two-factor authentication on Tuesday (16). Beginning in July, logging into Google accounts, both for Gmail users and for G Suite subscribers, will prioritize confirmation of access via mobile rather than text messages (SMS). The novelty is to ensure more security for users.

Google will prioritize account authentication by cell phone (Photo: Disclosure / Google)

Google will give preference to mobile authentication in order to provide more security and convenience. It will work like this: when logging in through the browser, an alert will be sent to the smartphone. Then, just confirm the request by phone and access the account normally.

Login requests are sent immediately to a smartphone with the account connected, provided they are Android or iPhone. On iOS, however, you need to install a Google app that supports the feature, such as the search engine or Gmail app, for the authentication method to work on your Apple phone.

But this does not mean that the other methods will be suppressed. According to Google, “this will not apply if you use a security key to protect your account. You can also use other methods (such as a code received by text) by selecting a different method during the quick phone verification steps. ”

Users who have not enabled 2-step authentication will also not be affected by the changes. In addition, you can change the settings for two-factor verification and disable the feature in both the individual account and the G Suite account administration.

The new setting will be active by default on all Google accounts, from free users to G Suite subscribers, starting July 7. The change will be released gradually.

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