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Daylight saving time will not be applied in 2019 in Brazil; however, it is possible that your Android phone does not know this and try to advance the clock by one hour this Sunday (20th) or on November 3rd. To avoid unforeseen events, Google suggests that you set the time manually.

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On his official blog, Google explains that Android can automatically activate daylight saving time thanks to the IANA Time Zone Database, a database that brings the time zone to different locations. However, it’s up to manufacturers to keep it up to date on their devices, and they don’t always do that.

Here we have a possible problem: until 2017, Brazil adopted daylight saving time on the third Sunday in October. Therefore, some cell phones will advance the clock by one hour on the next 20th.

In 2018, the rule was changed: the time change started only on the first Sunday of November, so as not to interfere in the elections and in the Enem (National High School Exam). Thereby, certain devices can advance the clock by one hour on November 3rd.

How to turn off daylight saving time on Android watch

Several Android devices use the time and date provided by the mobile operator, but even they may end up making mistakes, as happened with TIM last year. So, to avoid problems, Google recommends adjusting this manually.

And so:

  • go in Settings> System> Date and time (or just Settings> Date and time on some Android versions);
  • disable the option Automatic date and time and Automatic time zone;
  • hit the date and the hour according to the website;
  • select the timezone according to your location.

In 2019, daylight saving time will not apply. The decision was announced in April by President Jair Bolsonaro, after an analysis by the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

According to Bolsonaro, technical studies indicate few benefits in advancing the clock by one hour, “due to factors such as more efficient lighting, evolution of possessions, increased energy consumption and changing habits of the population”. The government has not yet decided whether to keep the rule in 2020.

Date and time on Android

With information: Google.

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