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Google announced this week that it has started updating the Gmail application that accesses corporate accounts. The biggest news is that with this update the app will integrate more communication tools, such as Google Meet and Chat in one place.

Gmail for business will have integration with Google services via mobile (Photo: Disclosure / Google)

The move to this new application has been in development and testing since the first half of July, when the search giant promised to unify messengers and other company apps in one place, whether on the computer, Android or on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Once opened, the Gmail app that receives email from corporate accounts will display a bar with shortcuts at the bottom. Here are shortcuts to Google Chat (which is the new name for Hangouts), Rooms (competitor of Slack within Google) and Meet, which is better known and serves as a platform for video meetings, very similar to what they do solutions like Microsoft’s with Teams or Zoom, more famous.

The biggest advantage of bringing all external resources and applications together in one place is, for example, allowing a document to be edited by many hands without leaving the Gmail application. The same goes for starting a video meeting without having to jump to another application, which still exists under the name of Google Meet.

Another addition is in Tasks, which starts issuing notifications of updates that happen within the Gmail app, in addition to allowing the user to be added to group tasks, favorite some to be more visible and even open files shared in the same room.

The new version of Gmail starts on G Suite accounts starting this week, with a 15-day deadline to appear for everyone. Scheduled updates start on September 1st, also taking up to 15 days to arrive. First, the web and Android versions of Gmail will be covered, with iOS receiving the novelty in the future – with no expected date.

With information: Google.

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