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The challenge of delivering a game streaming service like Stadia comes up against connection latency, but Google can handle it in a curious way. The idea involves negative latency and a tool that is able to predict the button that the user will press even before he presses (!).

Google Stadia will be released on November 19 with dozens

The promise comes from Madj Bakar, vice president of engineering at Stadia, in an interview with the magazine Edge. Bakar promises that in a year or two the time between a player’s action and the on-screen response, which is what we call latency, may be less than what desk consoles currently deliver.

The executive says that a solution involves running the game at a very high frame rate, but delivering less to the user and thus creating a buffer on the server. In addition, a machine learning and artificial intelligence system will be able to predict the player’s action before it happens.

It looks like something from the future, but Google knows the magic of this type of intelligence like nobody else. Predicting the action can be the leap that “negative latency” shows, completely avoiding any response time.

Google Stadia should be launched next month, with no forecast of arrival in Brazil.

With information: Engadget.

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