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Google has released the use of Stadia for players who are not on a Wi-Fi network, but on 4G or 5G. The novelty, present as a test since July, makes the streaming platform wider by allowing gaming even on the street, or anywhere with good quality of mobile networks.

google stadia control and cellphone

This feature works only on Stadia’s own Android app and has a limitation that can frustrate some purists: gameplay will only happen up to 720p. Even at a not-so-high resolution, Stadia applies even greater compression by consuming almost half of what was predicted for the same 720p on another device.

Google Stadia can consume your entire data plan

In 4G or 5G the service uses 2.7 GB per hour, against 4.5 GB for the same period in another gadget. For 1080p, the maximum resolution to play via streaming in the Android application, Google promises that Stadia consumes 12.6 GB every 60 minutes. If you want to play in the highest possible quality of the platform, which is 4K with 60 fps, the consumption in this time is 15.75 GB.

If you subscribe to a data plan with 20 GB per month, it takes just over seven hours of play to finish your entire package on the first day.

Gambling on mobile networks was available within the experimental resources of Stadia, which is a more comprehensive form of testing that can reach many users. The change happened suddenly and with only one change on the server, not depending on an update of the app on the Play Store.

Anyway, if you are in one of the countries where Google Stadia can be accessed, it is important to guarantee the latest version of the application so that the mobile data appears as a possibility for play.

With information: 9to5Google.

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