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Google Sheets started releasing on Thursday (15) smart filling, a feature that streamlines the task of completing data in a table. Similar to what exists in Excel, the option searches for patterns between columns to complete fields that are still blank.

Smart filling in Google Sheets (Image: Disclosure / Google)

Smart filling in Google Sheets (Image: Disclosure / Google)

In presenting the feature, Google gave an example of a spreadsheet with a column of full names and another, not yet filled in, only for the first names. With smart fill, just write the first name on a line and the Spreadsheet offers the suggestion to complete with the pattern found.

Google smart fill had already been released in late June and is now finally available. The company points out that, like Gmail’s Smart Compose, which suggests words while you write a message, this is yet another solution that helps increase productivity.

The new Sheets feature also allows you to use public Knowledge Graph data to, for example, insert the countries where the cities indicated in a column are located. In the Enterprise Plus version of Workspace (formerly G Suite), companies can also use employee data to fill tables.

According to Google, smart padding will be released both for users of individual Google accounts and for Workspace subscribers. The feature started to be released for those who chose to receive quick updates and will be expanded on November 5 for those who prefer so-called scheduled updates.

Excel has Lightning Fill

In Excel, Lightning Padding generated, at least, unusual results when trying to complete information in tables. Available from Excel 2013, it also compares the contents of one column to follow the pattern in another. However, the result does not always go as expected.

When filling in a list with month abbreviations, such as “jan”, “fev”, “mar” and so on, and then starting a new column with “january”, the program will display suggestions like “feveiro” and “mareiro” ”. The padding, available when there is a pattern in the columns can go wrong in some cases, but, like Google Sheets, it is also a way to improve productivity.

Google Spreadsheets gets smart filling from Excel Applications and

Excel Lightning Fill (Image: Reproduction / Tecnoblog)

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