Google shows COVID-19 data and reopens for travel | Internet

As some countries and cities reopen, people start planning their vacation again. The problem is knowing which places are more or less safe for a trip. O Google will contribute to this task: when searching for hotels or flights, for example, the search engine may show information to help you decide if it’s a good time to visit a destination.

Google Travel

In fact, information regarding the COVID-19 situation has been displayed by Google since March. If you search for “flights to Seoul”, for example, you will see a travel restriction notice (access to the country by foreigners is still quite limited).

Google now also displays supplementary information. You will be able to find out what percentages of flights are in operation, as well as the proportion of available places in hotels in a given city.

As COVID-19 cases can increase at any time, causing travel plans to change from one hour to the next, Google Travel by hotels or vacation rentals may be filtered to display only establishments offering free cancellation.

Google Travel - free hotel cancellation

Google is also able to report whether flight prices are within normal ranges or have increased for some reason related to the pandemic.

Remember that Google Maps can also help with travel planning. The service has been able to alert, since June, about changes in public transport caused by the pandemic or about access blocks to certain regions.

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