Google should be investigated for anti-competitive practices on Android and search | Legislation

The United States government had already set up an investigation into Google’s anti-competitive practices with respect to advertising. Analyzes should now also be expanded to search It’s from Android. Amazon, Apple and Facebook are also targeted by the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ).


The investigation came from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who announced the onslaught in September, when he also spoke out against the company’s dominance in the advertising market. Google’s revenue reached $ 116 billion last year and the ads are seen on virtually all products on the platform. The goal is to find out if the company used any advantage to dominate this market.

In addition to him, another 50 attorney generals from 50 states in the United States supported the cause. President Donald Trump is one of those calling for investigations by technology companies like Google and Facebook to understand that they are cracking down on conservative demonstrations.

Google search is the gateway to collecting user data and targeting ads and services. In 2017, for example, the company was fined 2.4 billion euros for prioritizing Google Shopping in the search results. Google is believed to take advantage of this advantage – that of control over users’ search results – to favor its own services such as booking travel, hotels, maps, reviews, etc.

As for Android, the company has also been fined 4.3 billion euros by the European Union as a result of anti-competitive practices in the mobile operating system. The point is that Google requires manufacturers to pre-install the company’s services package (Play Store, Gmail, Chrome, Maps) in exchange for the Android license. This would decrease the chances of other companies gaining space within the platform.

Amazon, Facebook and Apple are also investigated

Facebook (Photo: Max Pixel)

Amazon and Facebook have gone through similar investigations to see if acquisitions made by these companies have hurt competition. The purchase of WhatsApp and Instagram are clear examples of the platform’s domain beyond the “main” social network – Snapchat that says so.

As for Apple, the concern is that the company will favor other services from the App Store. Spotify has already filed a complaint about the fee charged for purchases within the apple app store.

In the case of Spotify Premium, for example, the streaming service would be at a disadvantage by charging the same monthly fee for Apple Music through the App Store, since a slice of the revenue would also go into the hands of Apple. And, by increasing the service fee, it would encourage users to migrate to other platforms.

With information: CNBC.

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