Google search now teaches pronunciation of English words

You have long been able to use the search Google to find out the meaning of a word in another language or to know its pronunciation. Now, the searcher is receiving a set of resources to allow you to also train how to say foreign words.

Google - English pronunciation training

Thanks to its integration with the Google translator, the search engine is able to show not only the meaning, but also the pronunciation of words in different languages. But, for now, the training function works only in English and will soon be compatible with Spanish as well. There are plans to take the functionality to other languages, although the company has not informed the deadline for this.

All you have to do is ask the pronunciation of a word on Google. The search engine will show a box that allows you to hear its pronunciation and, below, it will show a button for practice.

The button will activate your computer or cell phone’s microphone so you can repeat the pronunciation. Finally, Google will indicate whether you said the word correctly or, otherwise, it will provide suggestions for the correct pronunciation.

The company explains that the new functionality is based on its speech recognition technology, which is capable of understanding words and dividing them into small parts. In the sequence, the technology uses machine learning to identify errors in these passages (such as saying “rik” instead of “risk” in the pronunciation of “asterisk”) and suggesting corresponding corrections.

Still according to the company, the function is experimental and started to be made available this week. In addition to it, the search engine will start displaying images related to the meaning of the translation to contextualize it, whenever appropriate.

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