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Google is trying to convince the American government that the blockade on Huawei could put US security at risk. According to sources Financial Times, the argument is based on the vulnerability of the system that the Chinese will need to adopt on its devices.

For Google, the fact that Huawei is forced to offer its own system – possibly based on Android – will be harmful. This is because, without Google services, the version would not receive all security updates and would be “more at risk of being hacked”.

Google says U.S. blockade on Huawei threatens national security

Huawei’s system would no longer rely on tools like Google Play Protect, which analyzes application threats. He would also need an alternative to the Play Store, which would certainly be less secure.

Despite the trade block, the Chinese manufacturer’s cell phones will still be used to communicate with people in the United States. And, as they would be more vulnerable, they could be used to capture sensitive information.

To ensure the functioning of existing phones, Google has received a temporary license that allows it to offer software updates to the devices. The permit, however, will expire on August 19.

According to the Bloomberg, Huawei says that if it needs to develop an alternative operating system, it can do so “very quickly”. The company does not say whether it would be based on Android.

Xiaomi chairman Liang Hua said this week that the company had not yet started a direct negotiation with the US government to resolve the situation. For now, the company is waiting to see if Google’s plans are evolving.

With information: The Verge.

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