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Google “Sabrina”, as the possible successor to the Chromecast Ultra is called internally, has just been approved in the United States. The documents registered with the FCC (American agency equivalent to Anatel) reinforce the rumors about the arrival of a remote control for the dongle with Android TV.


According to the website 9To5Google, the company submitted two devices for approval by the regulatory commission. One of them, registered as “GZRNL”, was classified as an “interactive media streaming device”, and the other, called “G9N9N”, appears only as a “wireless device”, without many additional details.

But the real clue comes from the tags for each gadget. By the format and indication of the label’s position – which must be placed “under the power cover, in a place that cannot be removed by the user” – it is possible to deduce that one of them is in fact the label of the wireless remote uses Bluetooth. See the image below.

google sabrina possible remote label

The other label, which must belong to the dongle itself, can be seen below and must be on the back of the device. The records also indicate that “GZRNL” has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, which was already expected for the possible successor to the Chromecast Ultra.

fcc tag for possible google sabrina

Other details, such as images and other technical specifications for these devices, are blocked until the end of January 2021, under a confidentiality agreement with the FCC. However, it is possible that we already have a preview of what is to come until the month of October, when Google usually announces new products.

It is worth remembering that in June, alleged photos of Google “Sabrina” and her remote control were leaked on the web. However, there is no official confirmation about the launch or information about the price of the device so far.

With information: 9To5Google and Android Police

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