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Google will allow videos from the Play Store to start playing without direct user action. The information appeared inside the app store, movies, music, books, games and starts to be valid as of September this year.

Google Play Store

“In early September 2019, Google Play will start playing videos automatically to help more users discover your content more quickly,” says the note. If on the one hand autoplay is one of the most annoying practices on the internet, on the other hand Google requires developers to remove advertising from their videos or monetize them.

This second point is important, as the videos that appear on the Play Store are hosted on YouTube and if the developer has enabled monetization, automatic advertising appears and it will serve more as a way to confuse those who seek the app than to help.

The deadline for removing these ads ends on the first of November and if the developer does not remove, they will not be able to use the autoplay feature within the Play Store. There is still no information on whether videos that play alone will be accompanied by audio, which does not happen on other platforms that already use something similar, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Another common detail where autoplay is in effect is that there is a way to prevent it from happening when the device is using mobile networks.

With information: Google and Android Police.

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