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As the owner of Android, Google needs to ensure that users are not exposed to malicious applications. With that in mind, the company started taking more time in the Play Store review process, which some developers did not like.

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The change was seen on the developer app store panel. On the page, Google says that “to help better protect our users, we’ll dedicate more time to thoroughly review your app”.

Along with the alert, the company also recommends that developers seek more information in their support page. The section points out that the measure is valid for “some developer accounts”, but it does not explain which criterion makes some revisions last longer.

According to Google, a notification on the panel will show the estimated period for the review. Still, the company advises developers to include at least three days in their planning between sending the application and releasing it on the Play Store.

Despite indicating greater care for the safety of users, the longer review does not help developers. That’s because those responsible for an application are only reviewed about the change after submitting it for review, which can compromise certain deadlines.

With little transparency about the criteria, you can expect the process to affect any developer account, even those that have previously submitted other apps and that have a higher reputation on the Play Store.

With information: XDA Developers.

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