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Google Play Music still exists, but it’s in its final days. The streaming service is slowly ending its functionality and making space for YouTube Music. This is the case of the integration that allowed the platform to be used in smart speakers such as Google Home Mini and Nest Mini, in addition to other speakers and smart screens from third parties.

YouTube Music and Google Play Music on Android.  (Image: Tecnoblog)

YouTube Music and Google Play Music on Android (Image: Tecnoblog)

The change, highlighted by Android Police, happened in the Google Assistant application settings. The screen that allows you to set the default service to start playing music using voice commands no longer has Google Play Music. Instead, the section started to highlight YouTube Music.

With the change, the Assistant will not be able to access your library or play history on Google Play Music. If you still have an account and want to keep your file, you will need to migrate it to the company’s new streaming service. And the ideal is that this happens soon: the old platform should be closed by December 2020.

Wizard screen without Google Play Music (Image: Playback / Google)

Wizard screen without Google Play Music (Image: Playback / Google)

Google Play stops selling music

As part of the transition to streaming from YouTube Music, the Google Play Music store closed on Monday (12), preventing the sale of single songs. With that, anyone who wants to use YouTube Music to listen to purchased tracks, must buy them in other stores and import them into the platform.

In the meantime, the Google Play Music page reports on the transition and explains that “the change will not be made overnight.” The page also highlights that, if they do not choose to subscribe to the new service, users can use Google Takeout to avoid losing their music.

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