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Google announced in August that Google Play Music would be discontinued starting in September, starting in Australia and New Zealand – and in October in the rest of the world. On Monday (12), in yet another step towards the end of the service, Google ended the sale of songs on the platform to make way for YouTube Music.

YouTube Music and Google Play Music on Android.  (Image: Tecnoblog)

YouTube Music and Google Play Music on Android. (Image: Tecnoblog)

The Google Play Music app is still available on the Play Store, but with a caveat:

“YouTube Music will replace Play Music, but don’t worry. The change will not be made overnight. If you want, you can now transfer your library to YouTube Music and migrate to the new service. Just download the YouTube Music app. ”

Search for music loses space in the Play Store

The purchase of music lost prominence in the Play Store in August, with the redesign of the app store. As previously reported by 9To5Google, this Monday, Google no longer displays the option to search for music in the store menu.

Soon, Google Play Music should be shut down completely and all account data should be deleted. Users have until December 2020 to migrate their playlists, uploads and purchases to YouTube Music with the aid of a transfer tool.

With information: 9To5Google

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