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O Google Photos adopted a feature that resembles Instagram and Snapchat stories: the iPhone and Android app is receiving the new section Memoirs, which gathers photos and videos from a certain period (a year ago, two years ago) and displays them in full screen on the cell phone. These collections are automatically generated and available only to you – but you can share them.

Google Photos - Memories

The Memories section started appearing for Google Photos users this week. It is at the top of the gallery, in the shape of round icons you know from Facebook and Instagram Stories. The app uses machine learning to gather photos and videos from previous years: in this way, it gives priority to higher quality images and disregards duplicate items.

“Although you recognize this format of social media stories, these memories are your personal media, presented in private to you,” explains Google. Photos and videos will not be displayed to your friends unless you tap the Share button and choose the contacts who will have access to the collection.

It is possible that Google Photos will retrieve some memory that you do not want to relive, such as a loved one who has passed away or an ex-boyfriend. Therefore, there is the option to hide certain periods or people (thanks to facial recognition). The application also allows you to disable this feature completely.

Google Photos - Memories

Google wasn’t very successful on social media, so it didn’t have many places to use stories. However, the company was not left out of this: YouTube has Stories in the applications for Android and iOS; and made the search more visual with AMP Stories.

Google Photos also promises that in the coming months, it will be easier to send photos to your friends or family: the images “will be added to a private conversation in progress”. I hope it is something less messy than the current Share tab; I have about 20 albums shared with my mom, and it would be nice to centralize that.

With information: Google.

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