Google pays up to $ 500 to those who bought the first generation of Pixel or Pixel XL | Business

Google has finally released payment criteria for Pixel and Pixel XL users because of a problem with the cellphone microphone. In all, the company will pay $ 7.25 million to end a legal dispute. Those affected by the error can receive up to $ 500.

Google pays up to 500 to those who bought

Valid only for those living in the United States, the action guarantees up to $ 20 for anyone who purchased a Pixel or Pixel XL before January 7, 2017 and did not receive a new device after January 3 or a refurbished one after June 5 the same year.

The company will pay this amount even for those who had no problem with the cell phone or cannot prove the failure. Part of the $ 7.25 million will cover expenses for the process. Of the remainder, 25% will be shared among everyone who meets this criterion and, therefore, the amount may be less than US $ 20.

Another part is aimed at those who needed to pay the insurance deductible to get a replacement Pixel or Pixel XL. Finally, the company will allocate higher amounts to those affected by the error and being able to prove it.

The payment for those who had the problem with the microphone in a Pixel or Pixel XL will be up to US $ 350. If the failure occurred in more than one cell phone, the value goes up to US $ 500. Again, if many people request the benefit, the amount may be less.

Google set October 7, 2019 as the threshold for payment requests. They need to be done together with data such as name and address, as well as documents that prove the problem with the cell phone through from this link.

With information: The Verge, Engadget.

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