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Google announced today (29) that it has expanded its bounty program for bugs found within Play Store apps, the Google Play Security Reward. Now, anyone who finds fault with any app in the store can receive a prize of up to $ 26,000, which gives about $ 109,000 in direct conversion.

Google Play Store

The change is radical and fails to pay a reward for those who find fault with only a few apps, to hand over the money to any app on the Play Store. The only requirement is that the application must have reached 100,000 installations around the world.

In addition, the reward goes from $ 1,000 to up to $ 26,000, depending on the problem that is encountered. According to the program, the biggest single reward is $ 20,000 and is paid for a failure that allows code execution remotely, which allows the hacker to access and control the user’s Android. If the failure is a private data leak, Google will pay $ 3,000 and another $ 3,000 to access protected components from other apps.

So far the program, which has been in existence since 2017, has paid $ 266,000 to 29 programmers, which you can call hackers.

Along with this program, Google has created another and is named Developer Data Protection Reward Program, or Developer Data Protection Reward Program. In this, the search giant will pay up to $ 50,000 to anyone who finds out that a Chrome app or extension is using or selling user data without their consent.

In addition to the payment of the reward, the application or extension found by collecting the data will be removed from the respective stores.

With information: Google and Engadget.

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