Google Pay now accepts debit card for online purchases

Google announced on Monday (14) a novelty developed especially for Brazil: as of today, the Google Pay officially permits the use of debit cards as a form of payment for online purchases via cell phones Android. The novelty also applies to multiple cards (which combine the debit and credit functions).

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Debit cards have been accepted for some time by Google Pay, but, until then, only for face-to-face payment (via approximation). For online purchases, multiple cards could only be used for credit.

With the expansion of the service, debit cards (or multiples in the debit function) can be used for online payments with the same ease with which credit cards are used.

This is a feature that required Google to look specifically at the Brazilian market. That’s because, although Google Pay was created to be global, multiple cards only exist in Brazil.

Technically, supporting debit transactions on online platforms is not difficult. The problem is that most of the cards issued in Brazil are actually multiple cards.

It was then necessary to adapt Google Pay so that the service asks that question that everyone has heard when checking in at a physical store: debit or credit?

Google Pay debit or credit

Google has a good reason to pay so much attention to debit transactions on the internet: the company points out that Brazil has 50 million credit card users, but that number rises to 60 million with regard to debit cards.

With the expansion of Google Pay, the company hopes to reach the immense share of Brazilian consumers who, in the absence of a credit card, resort to the boleto bancário in online purchases – or simply stop buying.

For now, only debit or multiple cards issued by Banco do Brasil, Bradesco and Itaú under the Mastercard, Visa and Elo banners are accepted for the new Google Pay modality. But, of course, Google intends to expand the list of partner institutions to increase the variety of supported cards.

CittaMobi, Claro, Evino, iFood,, Grin, Peixe Urbano, Rappi, Yellow and Zul Digital are among the services that already support debit payments via Google Pay. But Google points out that companies of any size can subscribe to the new service – there is no charge for fees and implementation in applications or websites is not difficult.

In addition to these features, Google cites two advantages for retailers and the like. One is the possibility of accepting a debit card without the need for costly contracts with banks or payment intermediation platforms. The other is the security features of Google Pay itself, which include tokenized transactions.

The novelty began to be released today and, in a few days, will be available to all users of the service.

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