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Google has started releasing a new version of the Google Pay app, with a change that now allows for dark mode. The novelty follows the trend of operating systems and automatically adjusts colors for dark for users who are at least on Android 9 Pie.

google pay dark mode

The search giant’s digital wallet began testing a dark mode with few users during the second quarter of this year, but has only now released the feature out of this bundle of people. Unlike other applications, in Google Pay the user will not find a key that changes the display mode.

To make the application dark, it is necessary to be running at least Android 9 Pie, have version 2.96.264233179 of the app and have chosen the dark theme in the system settings. Google Pay then respects the decision and changes its interface.

The update will be delivered gradually to all users. I tested it on three different smartphones, all with Android 9 Pie and the Play Store apps updated to the latest versions. In none of them did Google Pay arrive at 2.96 and even with the forced download of this version via APK Mirror, the dark mode did not appear – it is already configured on all devices, within the system settings.

I think it is better to wait for the official version of the Play Store. Is that you? Got?

With information: Android Police.

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