Google officially announces Android 10; these are the news

O Google chose this Tuesday (3) to make the official announcement of the Android 10 (until then, Android Q). The new version of the operating system abandons the tradition of dessert names (although the company’s engineers call it Quince Tart internally), on the other hand, promises interesting features, such as the Smart Reply it’s the Focus Mode.

Android 10

According to Google, Android 10 brings about 50 new features, including support for 5G networks, compatibility with foldable screens and changes to enhance user security and privacy. But the highlights even go to the features that facilitate the use of the smartphone on a daily basis.

Smart Reply, for example, uses machine learning to anticipate action in virtually any messaging application. With it, if you receive a link to YouTube, for example, Android will immediately ask if you want to open the video in the service’s application.

Likewise, Smart Reply will assume that you want to view an address received on Google Maps by instant message and ask you about it. As the name implies, the resource will also suggest responses to messages that reach you.

Of course, Google also paid attention to Dark Mode. on Android 10, dark mode can be enabled for the entire operating system or only for specific applications such as Chrome, Google Photos and Calendar.

Android 10 - dark mode

A new gesture control promises to improve the user experience, although it may cause some awkwardness at first. The main idea is to allow the user to use quick gestures to switch between applications, go back or open the home screen, all without depending on the classic Android virtual buttons – the bar with these buttons is there, anyway.

Android 10 - gestures

Focus Mode allows the user to quickly decide when and how to receive notifications. It is possible, for example, to deactivate new e-mail alerts within a certain time interval. It is a way to “tame” the apps that take the most time. This feature is still in beta (to test it, it is necessary to register here).

In terms of security and privacy, one of the advances in Android 10 is the grouping of settings related to this parameter in a single screen. In addition, important fixes for the operating system can be obtained directly from the Google Play Store.

Also worth mentioning is Family Link, which allows the user to control what their children access on the device and for how long, and the corporate function that allows you to use different keyboards for personal and professional profiles.

Another function that promises to be very useful is Live Caption. With it, it is possible to display real-time transcriptions of videos or audios that are being played on the device. This feature is particularly useful for users with some type of hearing impairment.

Android 10: availability

As usual, it takes a little patience to access Android 10. Google says it is already working with manufacturers to make the new version of the system available globally. The first smartphones based on the novelty should be launched by the end of 2019.

For owners of Google Pixel smartphones, the update to Android 10 will be released starting today.

More information on Android 10 official page.

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