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O Google Nest Mini was announced on Tuesday (15) with Pixel 4, Pixel Buds and Pixelbook Go: it brings audio with more powerful bass, a chip that processes Google Assistant commands locally, and a body made from recycled plastic. The smart speaker already appears on the Brazilian Google Store for a future launch in the country.

According to Google, Nest Mini provides bass twice as strong as the original Home Mini, in the 60 to 100 Hz range and at maximum volume. It has proprietary software to adjust the audio, promising sound clarity; “The songs you will hear on Nest Mini are authentic to the artist’s vision,” says the company.

In addition, the speaker adjusts the volume automatically if there is any background noise. That way, you’ll be able to hear Google Assistant responses, news and podcasts even if an unexpected noise comes up in your home.

Nest Mini can perform some Google Assistant tasks without relying on the internet, thanks to the machine learning chip that performs up to 1 trillion calculations per second (1 TeraOPS). In the U.S., the device learns its most common commands and processes them locally, without sending them to Google’s servers.

Google Nest Mini

The LED lights on the Nest Mini light up when your hand approaches the device, indicating where to touch to adjust the volume. It is possible to use multiple speakers in the house and connect them to create a sound system; for example, you can use the command “OK Google, take the music to the room’s speaker”.

The speaker will be available in four colors: chalk (gray), charcoal (black), coral and sky (blue). The fabric cover is 100% made from recycled plastic bottles, while the body uses 35% recycled plastic. You can leave it on the table or fix it on the wall.

Google Nest Mini

Nest Mini appears on the Brazilian Google Store

Google confirmed the launch of Nest Mini in Brazil. It appears on the Google Store next to the Chromecast, with all the details and specifications in Portuguese; the product will be available in chalk and charcoal colors.

For now, the site only allows you to enter the waiting list; the price has not been revealed. In the US, the speaker will cost $ 49 when it is sold from October 22nd.

It was only a matter of time before Google launched its smart speakers around here. The Google Nest Hub, officially unavailable in Brazil, learned to speak our Portuguese and gained a translated interface on the screen. And this year, JBL launched the Link 10 and Link 20 speakers with Google Assistant in the country.

Google Nest Mini

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