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Apparently Google started to release Brazilian Portuguese to users using Google Nest Hub, formerly Home Hub. The addition comes shortly after the Assistant begins to respond in our language in the smart boxes that use the platform for voice commands and questions.

Google Nest Hub now speaks Brazilian Portuguese Gadgets

It was not long ago that the Assistant started speaking Portuguese, but the role was limited on smartphones, tablets and the web. Last month he started responding and interacting with people also on smart speakers and TV sets, putting aside smart screens, as is the case with Nest Hub.

This is no longer the case, as some people have noticed that the search giant’s small stationary screen has started to display content in Portuguese, in addition to speaking and understanding what is requested.

According to the report, the Nest Hub was already configured for Portuguese, but still did not understand what was said. Everything has changed today (28), but the visual part is still incomplete and displays wrong data such as menus with parts in English and others in Portuguese, such as “on” and “off”, in place of “on / a” and “off /The”.

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In addition to the Nest Hub, other similar devices were also spotted in our language, such as the Lenovo Smart Display.

There is still no forecast for the launch of any device such as Nest Hub or Lenovo Smart Display in Brazil, but the change in language may accelerate this process.

With information: Android Police.

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