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O Google made new resources available to the Google Meet this Tuesday (15). According to the company, the service for voice and video calls now allows users to blur the background and display up to 50 people at the same time during a video conference. The news has already started to be released to everyone.

Google Meet (Photo: Bruno Gall De Blasi / Tecnoblog)

The feature to blur the background is a feature expected since the beginning of the year. The novelty, which for now is only available for Google Chrome for macOS and Windows, allows the background to be hidden, so that the focus of the image captured by the webcam focuses on the user during a call.

The new tool is disabled by default and does not require prior configuration to enable it. To blur the background of a call through Google Meet, the user needs to open the menu in the lower right corner and then click on “Activate background blur”. The function will come to ChromeOS, Android and iOS in the future.

Google Meet gets blurred background (Photo: Disclosure / Google)

Google Meet displays up to 50 people at the same time

Google also announced the display of fifty people at the same time, including the user himself, in a videoconference via the web version of Meet. This is possible thanks to a new configuration to personalize the presentation of the participants of a conversation, with options to show them in full screen or in a grid.

“With this launch, you can also use a slider to adjust the number of blocks you see. You may want to increase the maximum when you have a large group or reduce the number of blocks if you have a slow connection ”, they explain. “You can also see fewer blocks depending on the size of the window, as the available blocks will be adjusted to fit the screen.”

Google Meet now displays up to 50 people at the same time (Photo: Disclosure / Google)

Both features began to be released to G Suite subscribers and users of the free Gmail account on Tuesday (15), and are expected to reach everyone over the next few weeks.

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