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Google announced today (26) that motorcycle trips can also be traced from Google Maps. The novelty already exists in other countries and arrives in Brazil in order to optimize the route made by motorcyclists, with a reserved area within the map application itself.

google maps motorcycle routes

This feature is already present in countries like India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. In Brazil, the option of a motorcycle route helps the motorcyclist to follow the path that is allowed, since some cities impose restrictions for motorcycles on some streets – as is the case of the expressways of the Marginais Tietê and Pinheiros, in São Paulo.

Another advantage is for people who can choose to travel by motorcycle or car, since the proposed route respects the way each vehicle circulates and uses this data, along with information collected by the users themselves, to say which one will be faster at that moment .

More security in taxis and transportation apps

Along with the motorcycle route, Google also announced a new feature for Google Maps, which is called Travel Safely. With it the user traces the route he wants to take with a taxi or application driver and will be warned if the driver deviates more than 500 meters from the original route, in addition to having on the screen a comparison of the extra time that the current path will take.

In addition, it will be possible to share the route and the current location with friends or contacts, so that others can follow the route in real time.

When does Google Maps arrive?

Motorcycle routes are already available in Brazil, but for now only for the version of Google Maps that runs on smartphones. Safe travel will be released in the coming days.

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