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Google Maps is releasing a new interface for step-by-step navigation of the application, with fewer buttons and a visual that resembles what already exists there in Android Auto. The novelty even allows access to other apps like Telegram, Spotify, Google Podcasts and the device’s call log.

google maps new android interface

Android Auto is an interface that opens when a smartphone with the Google mobile operating system is connected to a car, or sound system, which has a screen and is compatible. Before limited only to these devices, users can now open the entire interface on the phone, which is even better on devices with large screens.

It looks like the search giant is bringing this generous-sized keystroke look and few distractions into Google Maps itself. A new interface has started to appear for some users and it does not change anything that is displayed in the part where the dashed path is, but adds buttons at the bottom of the display to call the Google Assistant and to open other apps.

google maps new full android interface

The app drawer is limited in this case, with space only for messengers like Telegram, call log and SMS messages, podcast apps like Google Podcasts and music on programs like YouTube Music, Spotify and Tidal. It is basically a limited and vertical version of the app drawer that already exists within the latest version of Android Auto, with the only exclusion from Waze – for obvious reasons, since the user opened Google Maps to get to this point.

As with other Google news, this new interface seems to be linked to a server activation, which little depends on the version of Google Maps installed on the smartphone and makes the feature arrive little by little for everyone. I tested it here on three different Android devices, from manufacturers of different versions of Android, without any of them showing the new look. And you?

With information: Android Police.

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