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Google is testing a feature that is able to insert business information into Street View on Google Maps. The idea is not augmented reality, but it takes advantage of the 360-degree images of the platform to help when it comes to finding a store in the middle of so many neighbors.

Google Maps street view markers

The tool is automatically activated if you happen to be a user who is within the testing program, functioning as an extension of the markers that already exist within Google Maps. These new markers are right above the location, inside the Street View image and can display information in two ways: leaving the mouse pointer above makes the name of the location and its rating appear, but clicking opens the sidebar with all the information about the business, the same that appears on the map with an aerial view.

As in some places, markers may appear as visual pollution, they decrease in size whenever the Street View image is moved with the click of the mouse. The colors of the markers also follow those of the traditional map, with orange for restaurants, blue for markets and stores, in addition to gray for other categories.

google maps street view animated markers

In the tests I did here I was able to open the new markers within Street View only in the web version of Google Maps. There is not even a deadline for other users to receive the news, much less any list with locations where it is present.

Google Maps already uses augmented reality

Recently, the search giant’s map service introduced the option of navigating routes made by walking, with the help of augmented reality to show the correct direction to the destination. The interface has a street name floating in the environment and even an indication of which direction to follow on a street.

Google Maps and augmented reality

The feature first arrived for users with at least level 5 Local Guides, but then it ended up appearing to more users.

With information: 9to5Google.

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