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Google has begun to release the Google Maps incognito mode, which allows you to search for addresses and almost all functions of the app without leaving a trace. The novelty is coming to everyone on Android and iPhone or iPad users are still on the waiting list for the feature.

google maps anonymous mode

The Google Maps incognito mode was announced during this year’s Google I / O, which took place in July 2019. When enabled, anonymous mode continues to display the user’s location, allows you to trace routes and search for addresses or information about locations.

The restrictions are in some points:

  • No search will be saved in the account history;
  • Notifications will not be sent through Google Maps;
  • Location sharing will not work;
  • Location history will not be updated;
  • User activity will not be used to personalize the application.

Even in anonymous mode, ISPs and third-party apps will still know your location – like Uber, which uses Google maps to find out where you are.

google maps anonymous mode screen

If you want to activate this mode, just open the application, touch your photo in the upper right corner and then touch “Activate incognito mode”. The application is restarted and a black bar appears at the top, warning that the use of the app is no longer the same.

As with almost any new feature that Google releases in its applications or services, the novelty is delivered gradually to all users over the next few weeks. Anyone with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will receive Google Maps Incognito soon.

With information: Google.

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