Google Maps now integrates with Translator to help you travel

Traveling to a country whose language you don’t speak is a challenge that Google want to make it easier: the company announced, this Wednesday (13), that the Google Maps is being integrated into the Google translator to make life easier for those who need to reach an address and have difficulty pronouncing the name of the place.

Google Maps with Google Translate

Google itself gives an example: suppose you arrived in Japan and want to visit the Tokyo National Art Center. If you do not know Japanese, you will find it difficult to pronounce the name of the place to a taxi driver.

Updating Google Maps will help you with just that: on the map, just tap the speaker icon next to the location or address you want to visit and your smartphone will say the name of the place out loud, in the local language.

According to the company, Google Maps is able to automatically detect the language of your cell phone and the language of the country you are in. This allows the service to determine which points on the map you may need to help with pronunciation and automatically displays a speaker icon next to them.

There’s more: after making a pronunciation, Google Maps will display a link that points directly to Google Translate. This way, you can translate other phrases more quickly if you need to.

Google Maps and Google Translate

You just need to be a little patient: integration with Google Translate will be released soon in the Android and iOS versions of Google Maps, but gradually. The expectation is that all users will have access to the novelty by the end of the month.

More than 50 languages ​​are supported in this initial phase. Others will be added later.

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