Google Maps gets update that makes Salvo guide more useful | Applications and Software

The tab Saved of Google Maps it’s a hand in the wheel: the function allows you to bookmark your favorite places or those you plan to visit soon. The problem is that if you have saved a lot of places, you can fumble to find a specific place. Fortunately, the Google updated the feature to facilitate the organization of saved points.

Until then, you could classify places as Bookmarks, I want to visit, Starred places and Marked (here you can include your home or workplace, for example), as well as create custom lists.

Google Maps - Saved

With the update, these options continue to exist, but now Google Maps is able to list places according to the order in which they were saved or that are close to their current location, a function that can be useful on trips, for example.

Recently saved places appear at the top of the Saved tab. Places near your location are listed below. Google believes that this way, you will be able to find points of interest more quickly.

It doesn’t end there: for users who keep location history turned on, Google Maps now makes it easy to add places to the Salvo tab by indicating points you’ve already visited on a timeline. This makes it easier to find a place you recently visited or visited in a city.

Apparently, the Salvo tab update is already being released for Android users in the United States, but it should not be long before the feature appears for iOS users or those based in other countries.

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