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Google announced today (30) that it is implementing a function on Google Maps that shows pictures of popular dishes in restaurants, named after popular dishes. The feature has been in testing since the beginning of this month and separates a tab from the location information so that the most popular dishes are highlighted – all with the help of artificial intelligence.

Popular dishes on Google Maps

To list the most popular dishes, the search giant takes into account some parameters such as people’s ratings of the place, name of the dishes and photos of them that were sent by Google Maps users. An algorithm brings it all together, elects the most commented and with the best ratings, to make them stand out.

The only point that may not help when artificial intelligence works, is that all information is sent by people and not just by the restaurant owner. This means that if you go to a place, it is interesting that you make your assessment on Maps, include at least one photo of the dish and give the correct name of it. Google Maps will use this and restaurants with few reviews and photos, no matter how good, may be without the feature.

Google Maps gathers photos of popular restaurant dishes Applications

In places where the user does not understand the language, Maps will make the translation to facilitate the choice and these main dishes will be on the General tab, which is where there are information about opening hours, address, telephone and some evaluations, with photos.

The tool is already available on Google Maps on Android, but I haven’t found it in any restaurant in São Paulo – even with many reviews and photos. The popular dish will arrive on iOS, but only in the coming months.

With information: Google.

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