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Google announced on Thursday (17) that users of Google Maps will be able to report accidents and problems that happen on the route traced by the application. Part of the novelty was already available for Android, but it starts to reach now for those who chose the iPhone and with it, the search giant has increased the number of problems that can be reported.

google maps android crashes lying

Little by little Google Maps starts to receive new features that until then were exclusive to Waze, which is also from Google. Not long ago he received speed camera alerts and the possibility of reporting accidents, at least for Android device users. From now on, anyone who has an iPhone will also receive the tools.

Starting this week, the application that runs on iOS may be used to report a crash, new speed camera, congestion, blockage or works on the track, vehicle stopped and even an object is present on the road. The last four types of alerts are new even for Android.

Google maps alert confirms

Google says that, as with other of its services, users will receive the news little by little and in waves. Usually the update wave takes a few weeks and the most important tip is that you keep the application up to date, be it on Android or iPhone.

I tested it on the iPhone with iOS 13.1.3 and it hasn’t appeared yet, but the image above was taken from an Android that has already received the new alerts.

With information: Google.

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