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O Google Maps is receiving an update that expands the augmented reality mode to more users, including in Brazil: the feature Live View allows you to view walking directions with arrows and overlapping locations in the real world. This was available on Pixel phones and Local Guide phones; from now on, it will be possible to access it from any iPhone or iPad with ARKit and on devices Android ARCore compliant.

Google Maps and augmented reality

It works like this: you open Google Maps and ask for a walking route to a certain location. There is a Live View button at the bottom: tap it, and the augmented reality mode with on-screen instructions will appear over the real world.
The app suggests, however, that you don’t walk around with your phone in front of you: it asks you to download your smartphone to pay attention to the street and its surroundings.

Live View was first presented at the 2018 I / O conference, but is still in beta. The feature is being expanded to Android and iOS devices that support ARCore and ARKit “starting this week”, according to Google.

Google Maps Live View

Google Maps Live View reaches more phones and tablets

ARCore is Android’s augmented reality platform, and is only compatible with devices certified by Google. The list includes dozens of phones, tablets and even Chromebooks from brands like Samsung, Motorola, LG, Asus, Xiaomi, Huawei and Google itself; check this link.

Meanwhile, ARKit is Apple’s augmented reality platform. It is present on devices with iOS 11 (or later) and A9 processor (or higher). This includes from iPhone 6s to iPhone XS Max, through iPhone SE, as well as several iPads; the complete list is here.

The Google Maps update also brings your hotel reservations and future air travel together in one place: you open the side menu, touch Your seats and find the Reservations section. You can access them even if your device is offline. It was a feature present in the Google Trips app, which stopped working this week.

Google Maps

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