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The Google Maps incognito mode has finally started to be tested with some users. The option, which was revealed in May at the Google developer conference, has been released to some people who are in the beta version of the application.

Google Maps Incognito

The information is Android Police, which received images that demonstrate anonymous mode. According to the site, users shared the material after receiving an email stating that the feature is available to those who have beta version 10.26 or higher.

To have more privacy, they just need to tap on the profile picture and then on the option “Activate incognito mode”. With this, the application starts to show a black bar at the top with the warning that the feature is activated.

There is also a change in the look of the map. Instead of the blue pointer to indicate your location, Google Maps shows a black pointer to let you know that incognito is in action. The feature has also been released for Android Auto users.

Google Maps Incognito on Android Auto

As with Chrome, Google Maps Incognito prevents searches and location history from being stored in your account. The application also stops sending notifications and does not use your data to personalize the experience.

And, just like in the browser, Google also warns that activity can be saved by apps and websites you visit, the network at work or school, and your internet provider.

At Google I / O, the company said that Maps Incognito would be released in a few weeks. For some reason, it has already taken four months to reach all users. With the tests, it is possible that it will become official in the near future.

With information: Mashable.

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