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Amid the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the sector of major events, such as concerts, should take time to be normalized. Consequently, meet and greet sessions – the meetings between celebrities and fans – will also take time to become reality again. To help artists and influencers recover at least part of the income they had from these sessions, Google launched the Fundo app.

The service allows you to create virtual meetings paid for by fans, who can participate in group and individual meet and greet sessions. Through the platform, artists and influencers can set the ticket price (or create a free session) and accept up to 30 users in the same video call. In addition to the meetings, the application can also be used in dance and makeup workshops, for example.

Created by Area 120, Google’s experimental design division, the Fund was being tested a few months ago with a few hundred users. It has now been officially launched in the United States and Canada – although it is also available to fans in Brazil through from this link. Ticket sales, payments and video calls are centralized in the service.

According to Variety, Google keeps 20% of the influencers’ revenue to carry out this operation. Initially, the company’s idea was to help youtubers organize virtual meet and greets sessions. With the pandemic, it became clear that the service could be used in more situations, which will help the company increase its revenue with the platform.

Facebook also allows paid lives

Despite the novelty, Google will not have a free path in this segment. Facebook launched in August a feature for those who want to create paid lives. The platform released the option in 20 countries, including Brazil, and guaranteed that, for 12 months, it will not be left with any percentage of the amount received by the organizers with the tickets.

The condition applies only to lives based on Android and in countries where Facebook Pay is available. According to the social network, influencers who make lives through iOS will get 70% of the revenue. That’s because the platform allocates the other 30% to the rate charged by Apple.

Facebook - live paid

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