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O Android Q will be launched in the coming weeks: the Google has released the latest beta of the operating system for testing, and it brings an important novelty in the gesture of returning. The user needs to slide from the edges of the screen, which can conflict with side menus within applications; therefore, the developer can reserve an area of ​​the app so that this unexpected behavior does not happen.

Android Q

Every Android device must come with the three button navigation mode (Back, Menu and Multitasking); this will be mandatory on Android Q and future versions. The manufacturer may also adopt a gesture navigation system, and Google announced at the I / O conference that it wants to standardize this.

So it is important that the gestures are intuitive. In this mode, Android Q includes only a bar at the bottom, similar to the iPhone X interface: you touch it to return to the home screen; switch between apps by sliding it up; and activate the Google Assistant by pressing it.

And to return? In this case, you slide your finger from the left or right edge. However, this is the same horizontal navigation gesture used to open side menus, browse photo galleries, and switch between cards within apps.

Google refines gesture to return on Android Q

Therefore, Google allows the developer to make an exception to the gesture of returning. “To ensure reliable and consistent use, there is a vertical exclusion limit of 200 dp for the gesture of going back inside the applications”, explains the company.

This means that applications will be able to disable the back gesture only in certain areas within the application (up to a maximum of 200 dp per edge, or density-independent pixels). That way, the user won’t accidentally activate the back gesture when moving a video’s slider on YouTube, or when opening the Gmail side menu.

Google has also created a very confusing gesture to open side menus: you pull a little, wait and pull again, so as not to activate the back gesture. This is not necessary if the application inserts exceptions to this gesture at the side edges.

Beta 6 is available on Pixel phones and devices from Asus, LG, Nokia, OnePlus, Xiaomi and Huawei. Android Q will be launched in “a few weeks”, according to Google.

With information: Ars Technica, The Verge.

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