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Gmail released Smart Compose in 2018, which suggests words and phrases while the message is being written. Now, the service will also take advantage of the moment when the email is created to offer a real-time correction.

Automatic Gmail correction

According to Google, the new spelling and grammar correction was developed to allow emails to be created more quickly and without errors. For this, Gmail will use artificial intelligence capable of automatically correcting the most common errors.

For now available only in English, automatic correction replaces the wrong word with the right one, which is temporarily underlined (as in the GIF above).

As with other publishers, Gmail will highlight other less common errors, which should be reviewed manually.

To draw attention, misspellings will be highlighted with a red line, while grammatical errors will have a blue line. The correction will be made by clicking on the word and choosing one of the suggestions offered by the service.

Gmail spelling and grammar correction

The new correction represents an important step forward for Gmail, which already has a spell check, but does not highlight it to users. It is hidden in the three-dot icon next to the trash can, but it doesn’t always offer the best suggestions.

The new feature has already started to be released to Gmail and G Suite users and may take about three weeks to reach everyone. When available, it will be enabled by default and will not require any changes to the settings.

With information: Google.

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